LVKCC Minutes – December 10, 2020

Place – Zoom meeting

General Membership Meeting

Executive Committee Members:

President – Pat Beltz Vice President – Dan Morton

Recording Secretary – Mike Swartley Treasurer – Rita Snyder

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans

Members at Large – Gery Kirkner & Sheldon Linn

Non-Executive Members

Webmaster – Dan Rempp

Educational Instruction Coordinator – Scott Douglas

Total members present: 16


Pat Beltz called the general membership meeting to order at  7:10 pm.

Secretary’s Report

A motion was made to accept the November general membership meeting minutes as posted on the club website.

MP –    Dan Rempp     MS –   Dave Dawson            P –  All             O –  None


Treasurer’s Report

November Account Balances:

Checking Account: $   9392.83

Savings Account: $ 14305.31

PayPal Account: $     405.95

Total All Accounts: $ 24104.09

Comments on Treasurer’s Report.  None

CC Hopf asked if going on a trip is one still responsible if they cancel?   Response: This is true only if there was a replacement (one member got COVID, but spot was filled by another)

A motion was made to accept the November Financial Report.

MP –    Jill Evans                MS –  CC Hopf            P – All               O – None

Membership Report

Jill Evans presented the following membership statistics:

Memberships for 2021:

Total Members 202135

Total Individual Memberships19

Total Individual Lifetime 4 

Total Dues To-Date    $  300.00

Total Family Memberships6

Total Family Lifetime 1  

Total Dues To-Date $ 100.00

Memberships for 2020, including those who joined for 2021 – 

Total Members 2020 303

Total Individual Memberships151

Total Individual Lifetime   4

Total Family Memberships 56

Total Family Lifetime   1

1308 subscribers to Meetup

2128 members of the Facebook group. 

Jill shared on the screen an email “Welcome Letter” for new members that she developed.

Webmaster’s Report

Dan Rempp is the LVKCC Facebook page Administrator.  

Dan reported a Facebook post was removed as it was not related to our club

A reminder is to be sent out to all members to renew their memberships

Education Report

Pat reported there will be no pool sessions. Talked to YMCAs, local colleges, etc. 

Will run Recreation, Open Water and Moving Water classes but still TBD

In class part to be done by Zoom

Will use Pat’s Pond and a lake. 

– Beltzville on weekends is busy. Will also need an LOA 

– Nockamixon lessons would be under LOA.

– A limit of 10 students

Regarding Club Events at State Parks, Dan would like by February dates for trips and instruction.

– Have 5 moonlight paddles in mind

– Also 3 instructional trips

– Up to 10 events per year at each state park 

Training for ACA Level 1 and Level 2 TBD. To be discussed with Scott and Steve Johnson.


Main Topics

This meeting marks the transition of New Officers from last year

Update Bank Records/State Notice Jan 2021

Holiday Party was cancelled due to COVID 

Status of Jan 2021 Budget – for review Jan 2021 meeting

– Set aside $500 for Icebreaker Social Gathering

Executive Committee meeting January 7th, a Thursday, at 7pm by Zoom

New Business

Jack Elias suggested the Facebook and Meetup sites have announcements about joining the club. Assigned to Dan Rempp.

Create an Instagram and use club camera. The goal is attract a wider audience and a younger audience.

– We have a number of  accounts: Facebook, Meetup, the website, email, etc.

– Need approval to create account. Item for Executive Board. 

     – Dan Morton to present the need for Instagram at the Jan Mtg

Business cards: Need to print more.   Include a QR code which a prospective member can just take a picture and get our information.

– More Club stickers too (the elliptical ones).

– Paddler stickers also

– Boat identification stickers for hand out at events (Dan to contact Scott)

– Send stickers and QR coded business cards out with membership

– There was some discussion that everyone who was a member in 2020 will receive a renewal notice via mass email. There will also be a Facebook notice to renew or signup for 2021 Membership.

– For those that have already renewed their membership for 2021 they will receive a letter with the paddle stickers, club sticker boat ID sticker and registration form. 

– Would this go in welcome pack in a mass mailing in January?

– Standard mailing with estimated cost TBD ?

– Table until Executive meeting

Discussion on having a link on the website for an online E-store with club merchandise. However we have no place to store merchandise and no shopping cart set up. 

Current Committees

Education Committee – Scott Douglas

Program Committee – Vacant

Hospitality Committee – Bob Brunda

FEW Dam – Scott Douglas, Skip Moyer

Policy Committee – Dave Dawson, Pat Beltz

Trip/Calendar of Events Committee – Gery Kirkner


– Hospitality Committee Members needed. Bob Brunda is only person on the committee. Any member can join. Contact Pat Beltz or Bob.

– Program Committee Chairperson Needed.

– Club members are welcome to join the committees.  If interested, contact a member of the committee.  

– Any member that feels a new committee should be formed can contact any member of the executive board.  It will be discussed at the next club meeting.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

Executive Committee Meeting January 7, 2021

February / March meetings might be with Zoom

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  

MP –     Paula                   MS –    Dan                      P –        All                   O – None

The meeting was adjourned at   8:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Swartley– Recording Secretary