LVKCC – Instruction and Education Committee

2022 Education Plan

Pool Session – This year we will be renting the Rodale pool at Cedar Crest College for an abbreviated 10-day pool session/classes.  For the first half of every session the main pool will be open to members for general practice, but the shallow pool will be used for rolling classes.  For the second half the main pool will be used for the whitewater class (except for the first week) and the shallow pool will open for general practice and use. Starting with the second week, we will offer the Introductory Moving Water Kayaking (8 weeks), with a combination of classroom and pool time as has been done in previous years.  Coastal and recreational kayaking classes will only be offered outdoors in the spring, but coastal rolling clinics will be offered at the pool as will at least one whitewater rolling clinic.  

Introduction to Moving Water Kayaking – Our flagship class, this will be conducted during the pool sessions at Rodale in the eight-week format as was done in previous years.  Each 4-hour session is divided into classroom and pool time, about half and half.  Topics such as boats, gear, clothing, paddle strokes, river features, knots, river safety, fitness, edging, bracing and rolling will be covered.  The class is intended to be supplemented by the outdoor Beginners Series.  Cost will be $180pp, limit of 16 students.  Lead Instructor Scott Douglas.

Introduction to Recreational Kayaking – This will be a three-day class over two weekends in June for people who want to learn about safe recreational kayaking on lakes, and easy rivers.  Venue will be Leaser Lake near Kempton PA.  The goal is to increase the enjoyment of recreational kayak paddling by learning how to: choose a paddle, select the proper clothing, find the right boat, and learn effective paddle and rescue techniques.  A graduation paddling trip will follow the weekend class.  Cost will be $55pp, number dependent on number of instructors, max 5:1.  Lead instructors Dan Rempp and Linda Martin.

Open Water Kayaking – Three 1.5-hr zoom classes followed by one 8-hr on-water stroke and rescue class at Lake Nockamixon and one 8-hr on –water navigation class on Raritan Bay.  This is a course for people with 1-2 years of kayaking experience and who wish to be self-sufficient and/or help others paddling in open (large bodies) of fresh- or salt-water with waves. Instruction will include open water boats, clothing, gear, communication, accident mitigation and trip planning including charts, GPS, tide, timing, and wind mitigation, as well as maneuvering skills, short and long tows, and self- and assisted rescues.  Cost will be $80pp, max number of students is 10.  Lead Instructor Cie Stroud.

Rolling Clinics – We will offer rolling clinics for whitewater boaters and/or coastal boaters that review the theory and mechanics of rolling, discuss why rolls fail, and present practice drills.  We will then provide one on one instruction to help work through the rolling process and provide helpful feedback.  A competent wet exit and self rescue skills are a prerequisite. Lead Instructor Josh Smith (whitewater) and Cie Stroud/Dave Dawson (coastal).

First Aid/CPR – First Aid/CPR certification classes will be offered a tbd number of times; fees to Red Cross to be paid by student.  These classes require an online portion and a classroom portion.  The classroom portion will be local to the Lehigh Valley.  Fees to Red Cross to be paid by the students in advance of the classroom instruction.  Classroom instruction is free to current members, with preference given to club paddling Instructors and trip leaders/guides.  Lead Instructors: Jim Schulte, JC/Chad Rankin, Pat Beltz and Scott Douglas.

Open Water Rescue – Two 8-hr self and assisted rescue classes for open water kayaks on Lake Nockamixon.  Lead Instructors Cie Stroud and Dave Dawson. 

Open Water Navigation – One 8-hr class on Raritan Bay with 2-3 hrs class time followed by 3-4 hr paddle.  Lead Instructor – Dave Dawson

Stroke clinic for Recreational Kayaks – We will offer two stroke clinics on either Lake Nockamixon or Beltzville for recreational kayakers.  Emphasis on proper form and physical safety.   Lead Instructors Linda Martin and Dan Rempp.

Rescue clinic for Recreational Kayaks – We will offer two rescue clinics on either Lake Nockamixon or Beltzville for recreational kayakers.  Both self and assisted rescues will be covered.  Lead Instructors Linda Martin and Dan Rempp.

Moving Water Beginners Series – We will again offer 8 trips on the river starting at the Little Lehigh in May and progressing up to the Upper Lehigh in June.  These classes are offered to those who took the pool moving water kayak class first, but may include others if space becomes available.  Beginning white water skills such as stroke forms, eddy turns, peel outs, ferries and water reading are featured.  Practice sessions on the Little Lehigh will also be offered on Tuesday nights in May and June and on the Lehigh in July and August.  Lead Instructors – Pat Beltz and JC Rankin.  

Moving Water Intermediate Series – We will offer 4-5 classes on various rivers (Lehigh, Mongaup, Tohickon, Yough, Stony, Lehigh, Nescopeck, Brodhead, choice dependent on flow and interest).  In addition to basic skills such as eddy turns, peel outs, ferries, combat rolling and water reading, classes will include more advanced techniques such as eddy hopping, boofing, and reverse ferrying in Class II/III water.  Lead instructors – Scott Douglas, Eric Schweitzer, Joshua Smith, others as available.

Moving Water Guide Class – We will offer this class again in the spring (tentatively May 28) on Section III of the Lehigh.  Class will feature how to organize and lead a trip on moving water.  Lead instructor – Scott Douglas 

Rescue Rodeo for Moving Water – We will offer one rescue rodeo on the Lehigh mid summer, location and date tbd.  Emphasis will be on self and assisted rescues for Class I, II and III venues including swimming with gear, boat over boat, equipment chasing, swimmer assist, and unresponsive boaters.  Lead Instructor – Eric Schweitzer.

Instructor Certification – A three-day L1/L2 Instructor Certification Workshop will be conducted in June at Lake Nockamixon and the Lehigh River that will be for new Instructors, upgrades and updates.  This workshop will be limited to those LVKCC club members who wish to teach for the Club.  No fee.  

Lead Instructors – Eric Schweitzer, Josh Smith and Scott Douglas.  

2022 Education Budget Request

Tow ropes, radios, helmets for open water: $1000

PFDs and paddles for rec: $1400

First Aid/CPR supplies and equipment: $  250

ACA certifications (open water) (3) $1250

ACA recertifications (moving water) (2) $  500

Wilderness first aid certification (6) $  500

Total requested: $4900

2022 Intermediate Series (tentative dates)

March 19 Tohickon Intermediate skills class

May 8 Mongaup Intermediate skills class

May 28 or 29 Lehigh Guide class

June 10-12 Lake Nock/Lehigh L1 Coastal/L2 Moving Water ICW

July 2, 3 Lower Yough and Savage Intermediate skills class on LY on Sat.

August 14 Lehigh Intermediate skills class

September 25 Mongaup Intermediate skills class

October 22,23 Lower Yough Trip (skills class on LY if interest)

November 5,6 Tohickon First timers and intermediate skills