LVKCC Minutes – March 4, 2021

Place – Zoom meeting

General Membership Meeting

Executive Committee Members:

President – Pat Beltz Vice President – Dan Morton

Recording Secretary – Mike Swartley Treasurer – Rita Snyder

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans

Members at Large – Gery Kirkner & Sheldon Linn

Non-Executive Members

Webmaster – Dan Rempp

Educational Instruction Coordinator – Scott Douglas

Total members present: 35 (at most)


The meeting started at 7:02 pm with a guest speaker.

John E. Graham from St. Luke’s University Hospital made a presentation entitled “Kayak Fitness and Injury Prevention”. This talk helped us learn about common paddling injuries and how we can minimize our risks of getting hurt through strength training and proper form.  The two most common injuries are lower back pain and rib stress injuries.  There was a strong emphasis on strength training to help to avoid injuries with an emphasis on shoulder injuries. Importance was placed on training opposing muscle groups.

Pat Beltz called the general membership meeting to order at 7:56 pm.

Secretary’s Report

A motion was made to accept the February 4, 2021 general membership meeting minutes as posted on the club website.

MP –   Dan Rempp    MS –  Gery      P –  All   O –  None


Treasurer’s Report

February 2021 End-of-Month Account Balances:

Checking Account: $  10,624.50

Savings Account: $  14,340.96

PayPal Account: $    1493.38

Total All Accounts: $  26,458.84

Comments on Treasurer’s Report.  Amazon cost for labels, Zoom payment, Nockamixon LOA and FISH donation came out of one of our debit cards. FISH donation was on February 24th. 

Membership Report

Jill Evans presented the following membership statistics:

Memberships for 2021

Total Members 2021:  167

Total Individual Memberships         86

Total Individual Lifetime   4  

Total Individual Dues To-Date   $1640.00

Total Family Memberships   28

Total Family Lifetime   1

Total Family Dues To-Date       $ 675.00

2156  members of the Facebook group

1322  subscribers to Meetup

Webmaster’s Report

Dan Rempp reported he wanted to add more links from the Chesapeake Paddlers Association. He will add more links on Cold water and Kayak Camping on our calendar, Facebook and Meetup.

Education Report

Scott reported: 

– Intermediate class on the Tohickon. Some slots remain.

– We do have a pool at Cedar Crest on Sunday April 25th 5 to 9pm for    the Moving Water class

– JC reported the 1st Aid CPR class is full.

– Moving Water class has 9 signed up and paid. 1 awaiting to pay.

– Recreation class has 8.

– Open Water class has 8 signed up. 10 slots. Awaiting payment. 

Scott asked for support boater for an event at Lake Towhee on May22nd.

The following new items should be delivered soon for our classes:  Paddles

      Helmets, Float Bags . Total cost about $1000

Kayak pickup for classes will be April 11th from 11am to 2pm at Pat’s house. Students will need to be prepared to take boats home.

Main Topics

FISH donation

Executive board met via email during the month of February to approve $100 Donation to FISH – Friends in Service Here (Habitat for Humanity). Donation was made in memory of Phyllis Rose Kelleher – Jerry McAwards’ mother.

– We received a kind thank you letter from FISH. FISH also showed where they send their money.

Welcome Letter/Sticker Mailings

Rita reported the letters are being prepared, to include some training on use of QR code cards.   

Jill reported she is printing the mailing and return labels. 

Dan suggested that his address be the return address as there is not enough room in our PO box for returned large envelopes.

Instagram  setup

Dan Morton reported it’s still in progress. 


Letters of Authorization (LOA’s)

Have received one for Lake Nockamixon . Good to go!

Beltzville in progress. Contact there is Benjamin Monk 

Hospitality Chairperson n

Volunteer needed to support Rita and Bob

Larry March Slalom

Dan Rempp reported he spoke to a couple of City of Allentown officials. Nothing firm yet. But he reported there is no special events allowed in Allentown this year. But as we are not using any city services so we might be able to run this event. A request was sent to the Parks Department.

FEW  update

No new update 

ZOOM classes posted by other clubs

Dan and Pat reported that other clubs like LCCC (Lower Columbia Canoe Club), Chesapeake Paddlers Association,  ACA Tennessee, Team River Runner to name a few, offer very good programs and can be viewed at a later date as well. These are to be added to our website.

A good Cold water website is  (Moulton Avery)  well worth  looking at.   Its suggested we make a donation by next month. Need to bring this up in November and review this with our existing donations

Class Updates:

Updates for Following Classes.

Most classes covered above under the Education Report.

Rodale Aquatic Center –  April 25th  5-9pm  Sunday nite –  Contract to be mailed to Pat 2nd wk of March

Cost is $150/hr. includes 2 pools, classroom, lifeguard, easy entrance, good parking.  Stand alone building with no other activities going on. 

April 11th –  Tryout of boats for Class Participants that need to borrow equip. Pat’s house  11am.  Potential equipment needed for class participants, may need rec boats and probably will need white water boats and donated kayaks (not play boats).   Recreation boats will be needed for 5,6 and 13th of June.

 Club members may volunteer to lend their boats to new students  and/or bring boats for sale on April 11th. We need recreation or white water river runner boats. No play boats please.

First Aid/CPR/AED Blended Learning –  Skills Class for March 27th at Lehigh Gap Nature Center Pavillon  by JC

Long Boat Tryout Day. May 22nd at Beltzville  

Dave reported we have rented out Pavilion #2

It was suggested we tryout paddles too.

Swap meet will be held at the June meeting

Motion made to merge the April Icebreaker into the May Long Boat Tryout Day on May 22nd.

MP – Rita   MS – Jill 

Some discussion followed on schedule, etc. and motion modified to:

May 6th will be the Icebreaker at Lehigh Gap Nature Center. Club provides bottled water, pre-made individually wrapped sandwiches and snacks. Starting 5pm for paddling. 7pm for eating and brief meeting.  

Will need sign ups so we know numbers for food purchasing. 

MP- Rita  MS – Sheldon P-All O – None

New Business

April 1st meeting will be a standard meeting with paddling the Ledges. Bring your own food. Meet at 5pm for the paddle. Meeting at 7pm.

Current Committees

Policy Committee – Dave Dawson (chairperson), Pat Beltz, Rita Snyder, Dan Morton and Sheldon Linn

Spring Trip – Dave Dawson  Belleplain, NJ.   Birds, Crabs, Kayaking 30 people signed  up. 13 sites reserved.  Camping only as there are no cabins available.  Planning various paddle trips in estuaries and rivers.

Program Committee – Sheldon and Gery  

Hospitality Committee – Bob Brunda and Rita Snyder.

FEW Dam – Scott Douglas

Trip/Calendar of Events Committee – Gery Kirkner

Club members are welcome to join the committees.  If interested, contact a member of the committee. 

Any member that feels a new committee should be formed can contact any member of the executive board.  It will be discussed at the next club meeting.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

April   1st Meeting at Lehigh Gap Nature Center Pavilion. Option to paddle the Ledges beforehand

May   6th Ice Breaker get together at Lehigh Gap Nature Center Pavilion,  

14-17 Spring trip

22nd Long Boat tryout day, 

June   Swap Meet – Lehigh Gap Nature Center Pavilion  

5 pm paddle the ledges,

Swap Meet starts at 5pm

Meeting starts at 7pm, Bring your own food

July   no meeting

August  no meeting

September   Ledges – Lehigh Nature Center Pavillon, Nominations Committee to

             be set up

October Wildlands Conservancy TBD, Long boat trip, Report on Slate of Officers,

            Guest Speaker

November   Wildlands Conservancy TBD, Election of Officers for 2022 and a Guest Speaker

December     Holiday Party  TBD

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  

MP –     Gery MS –     Sheldon      P –        All                   O – None

The meeting was adjourned at  9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Swartley– Recording Secretary