LVKCC Minutes – March 3, 2022

Place – Wildlands Conservancy

General Membership Meeting

Executive Committee Members:

President – Dan Morton Vice President – Rachel Connolly

Recording Secretary – Mike Swartley Treasurer – Rita Snyder

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans

Members at Large – Gery Kirkner & Dave Dawson

Non-Executive Members

Webmaster – Dan Rempp

Educational Instruction Coordinator – Scott Douglas

Total members present:  25 for the presentation. 17 for the meeting.


The meeting started at 7:00pm with Scott and Aimee Douglas and Pat Beltz made a very enjoyable and informative presentation of their October Galapagos Islands trip. The trip included hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking!

The business meeting opened at 8:12pm.

Secretary’s Report

A motion was made to accept the February 3rd meeting minutes as posted on the club website.

MP –   Mike  MS – Hans  P –  All     O –  None

Treasurer’s Report

February 2022 report was provided. 

A motion was made to approve the February Treasurer’s report.

MP – Gery    MS – Sheldon P –  All     O –  None

Membership Report

Jill Evans provided the following membership statistics.


Memberships as of the beginning of March 2022  

Total Members 2022:  260

Total Individual Memberships:  109 

Total Individual Lifetime     4  

Total Family Memberships   54

Total Family Lifetime     1

Total Memberships:   163

Total Lifetime:     5

2575 members of the Facebook group 

1441 subscribers to Meetup

Webmaster’s Report

Dan Rempp reported the addition of a link to National Center for Cold Water Safety.Go to “Links” then down to National Center for Cold Water Safety. Lots of links to safety, accident reports, how to dress, etc.

Education Report 

Scott reported classes at the pool are successful. Introduction to Moving Water Class has 16 students. There are rolling clinics for both open water and whitewater. 

– Cie reported 16 open water students.

The warm shallow pool is helpful to rolling instruction!

To advertise the club there are plans to put a tent up at the take out point on Saturday noon for the March 19 & 20 Tohickon release. Bratwurst will be served. There will not be a class, but Josh Smith will lead experienced paddlers down the “Toh”.

Plans to have a Guide class perhaps in May.

Main Topics

Old Business

Paddler of the Year 

Nominations due by March 15. There is a ink on the website describing the award and possible criteria to consider..

T shirt design update

Rachel reported a survey was sent out in early February. The survey asked questions on ball cap, bucket hat and shirt designs and also choices of sizes, colors and materials. Survey was closed on Monday February 7th at 5pm. 66 responses were received.

The Executive Committee met for an hour on February 9th and the decision was made to order the following:

50 Navy Performance hats (Option 2)  $10  and sell at $15

100 Shirts   (Option 1) Unisex Polycotton Long Sleeve   $15 and sell at $25

Rachel sent around a sample of the Polycotton blend.

We hope to have the shirts for the next Icebreaker and meeting on April 7th.

A motion was made to fund T shirts and hats to $2000

MP – Gery   MS – Mark   P – All   O- None

 Pool Report

Dan Rempp reported total expenses as of today.

8 took whitewater rolling clinics, 16 long boat rolling students,

Three sessions remaining: March 5,12 and 26.

Projected income to be about $1280  depending on how many sign up for the remaining pool sessions, rec class and open water class..

Many thanks to those that clean and inspect boats!  

Mike & Jill to work the Pool desk March 12th.   Might need more help on March 26th.…

Permanent Home for Boats Committee

Mike gave a slide presentation. LL Bean has donated an enclosed trailer that is large enough to house all our boats and equipment. The trailer is currently located at Marsh Creek State Park. The trailer will be available in the spring.

The estimated costs of inspection, transport, insurance, and potential repairs were presented. Where to store the trailer was presented discussed with 4 options.

A motion was made to accept the offer of the Lehighton Outdoor Center for inspection and transport plus the offer of storage at the LOC for $50 per month…

MP –  Mike MS –  JC      MP    All     O – None

A motion was made to approve $1500 to cover initial costs of the trailer. 

MP –   Jill MS –  Pat      MP    All     O – None

New Canopy

Motion made to approve up to $200 to purchase a new club canopy as the last one was damaged at the Walnutport Festival.

MP –   Mark MS – Gery       MP    All     O – None

Purchase of Boats

Discussion was made on purchase of kayaks. 

Motion made to approve up to $800 for purchase of a used sea kayak. Gery and Cie are authorized to make the purchase.

MP –  Rita MS – Sheldon       MP    All     O – None

April 7 Meeting Location

Next meeting to be held at The Lehigh Gap Nature Center.  This will be an annual icebreaker. 

Wraps are the popular choice.  A discussion was held on whether we should approve money in the 2023 annual budget for renting an indoor venue for the icebreaker as we had done prior to COVID. 

Spring Trip

Pat reported for Dave Dawson: Spring Trip will be to Pohick Bay Regional Park in the Washington DC area from 22 to 25 April 2022. Already 42 signed up!

Fall Trip

Pat reported we are going back to Camp Arrowhead as we did last year! Dates are October 14 to 17th.

Report For LOAs for Lake Nockamixon 2022

Dan Rempp reported the LOA was approved for 15 trips. 

Discussion on Support to LL Bean and LOC for their Support

LL Bean and LOC job  opportunities have been posted on our Facebook page. 

Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR Blended Learning Class

JC reported two classes are on March 13, 2022 at Lehigh Gap Nature Pavilion. Both classes are full.

Scott reported he is looking for Wilderness First Aid opportunities.

New Business

Walkie-Talkie Buy in

NCSP is offering a group purchase of marine radios. 

June Swap Meet

Discussed moving the June Swap meet back to the Little Lehigh on the first Tuesday in June. No exchange of cash. Will need permission from the city and an insurance certificate.   Pat to check on certificate for this year.

Traditionally we supply pizza. 

Updating Facebook Rules

Rachel reported that we have no Facebook rules and should add behavior and expectations.  Tabled until till next meeting.

Advertising for Open Water and Recreation classes

After a brief discussion decided to advertise at discretion of the instructors.

Approval of Training Reimbursement

There was a reimbursement $250 due for Rita’s L-2 Touring training.

It was approved as both part of the Education budget and the Club budget.

A motion was made to reimburse these expenses.

MP – Pat   MS – Rachel MP    All     O – None

Current Committees

Trip Policy Committee

No report but continuing work on Instructors and Trip Leader criteria. Most is done. Policy for trip leaders unresolved. Committee includes Dave as chairperson, Dan Morton, Rita Snyder, Pat Beltz, Sheldon Linn, and Scott Douglas.

Insurance Policy Committee

No report. Note this is a new committee split off due to the insurance questions that the Trip Policy Committee raised.  Members are Pat, Dave, Dan Rempp and Rita.

Spring and Fall Trips

Spring Trip will be to Pohick Bay Regional Park from 22 to 25 April 2022. 

Fall trip to Camp Arrowhead October 14 to 17.

Program Committee 

Working on an October speaker.

Hospitality Committee

Still need Hospitality Committee members to run icebreakers and parties. Pat is chairperson. Bob Brunda, Rita Snyder. and Mike are current members.

Permanent Home for Boats Committee

See report under Old Business.

Paddler of the Year 

Nominations by March 15, 2022

Tohickon Release Committee

Dan Morton created a committee to increase Club presence at the Tohickon releases. Next releases are March 19th and 20th. 

         Josh Smith will lead experienced whitewater paddlers.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

April 2022 Ice Breaker at Lehigh Gap Nature Center  

Spring Trip to Pohick Bay Regional Park

May 2022 Ledges Paddle   Lehigh Gap Nature Center

June 2022 Little Lehigh on Park Drive Allentown

July 2022 No meeting

August 2022 No meeting

September 2022 Ledges Paddle – Lehigh Gap Nature Center   Pizza? Swap Meet? Larry March Slalom Race

October 2022 List of Nominees for office due.

Fall Trip to Camp Arrowhead

November 2022 Election of Officers

December 2022 Holiday Party

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  

MP –   Mark MS –  Mike    MP    All     O – None

The meeting was adjourned at  9:28pm.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Swartley– Recording Secretary