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Swap Meet 2017

5:30 PM until Dusk
Lehigh Parkway
Allentown, PA
Bring paddling gear to exchange, barter or swap. Boats, Paddles, Wetsuits, Dry Suits, PFDS, Spray skirts, Tents, Booties…… Come and look for bargains!
Free Pizza to all LVKCC members. Renew your membership for 2017.
Paddle on the Little Lehigh. Get some help with your moves or help somebody with theirs!

LVKCC Swap Meet


Marv Honeywell shared Allen Aerial Filmography & Photography's video to the group: Lehigh Valley Kayak and Canoe Club.

Allen Aerial Filmography & Photography
How many times I drove my '83 Ford Econoline van here often as an independent paddler and meet strangers at the put-in for the Lower Yough. I even stopped here to do the loop with a newbie kayaker after leaving a 5 day canoe camp on the Middle Fork Salmon, Idaho. Been a long time since I've been there. Many times I would run into and latch onto a Philadelphia Canoe Club trip by offering to be sweep for one of their 1st timers trips. All the newbie yakkers in a row, following glorious leader. Didn't know anybody else, so I meticulously counted heads at every opportunity. The price I paid to paddle more often. I sometimes ran the Cheat that way too. Did a lot of fishing of novices, made many temporary new friends. Most became good paddlers. But I've outlasted most of them , and out of touch , and now in different locations than those days. And I miss it all. Thought some of you would enjoy this recent video clip.
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Check out this footage from yesterdays trip to Ohiopyle State Park ! Share with your friends! *Make Sure You Watch In HD!*

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Dan NultonThere's definitely something special about the Yough. It's just a cool area. The river, its surroundings and the geology are awesome. If I head that direction I prefer the Stony. It's closer to me and I like how fairly continuous it is. But the Yough is pretty great.

2 hours ago

Marv HoneywellI liked the Stony as well, but there were no releases way back when. Got sick of doing the L gorge, went further afield into Canada, Idaho, GA,TN, NC, Chattooga! French Broad, Tewkesbury,, Jacques-Cartier, Riviere Rouge. Canoed the Cheat, Tygart, canoe camped Nahanni, NWT, Middle Fork Salmon, ID, Petawawa,ONT. Savage, NBr Potomac was pretty. I've done the stuff around herein the '80s . Dan Nulton, I can't do that much anymore, but some day you and I have to meet on something can I still handle if you won't be too bored. The leukemia is something I can deal with, the boredom without a car is hard.

2 hours ago

Dan NultonYa, I guess Stony releases are a relatively new thing. That canyon is a fun run. Another one with great views. You've been all over. You should write a book. I'm sure the entire sport was very different even 30 years ago. It's pretty interesting. I'm not nearby by any stretch but if I find myself out that way I'd love to go for a paddle.

2 hours ago

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Anyone launching in or near the Valley today? ... See MoreSee Less

David NovitskyMost are paddling the upper and lower Gorge for the release.

2 hours ago

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Time to make my annual appeal for help. I'm a retired former class IV+ , C-1, OC, paddler without a car. I live to the Southwest of Hugh Moore Park near Easton.
Looking for paddlers and a ride to any easy stretches of water nearby and can share gas money.
To be honest I'm 71, twice a cancer survivor, and former Marine Sgt. '66-70 . I prefer not to have to kneel any longer , so I limit myself to II-, currently have an Esquif Prospecteur (16) which I solo and still fairly fast in. I realise many do not want to bother with an old man canoeist. But I do need the exercise to stay fit. Please consider going a little out of your way to keep an old paddler cranking. It's my only reason to still be taking up space on this Earth. Thanks.
I also have had some extended wilderness tripping experiences, and still have some ability to do easier river camping, should such an opportunity arise. ;) (y)
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Great day paddling at Merrill Creek! ... See MoreSee Less

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Cie StroudPretty!

16 hours ago

Daniel RemppThe water level is down quite a bit at Merrill Creek like many of our lakes from last summer's lack of rain and evaporation. The lakes are back to their normal levels but not Merrill Creek. So I asked guard on duty today at the launch ramp what was going on. He said since Merrill Creek sits on top of a mountain there is no natural inflow to fill the reservoir. The water has to be pumped up the mountain from the Delaware river. The last time this was done was some 15 years ago. I asked why they are not pumping water back into the reservoir. He thought it was the cost of diesel fuel to run the large pumps. The reservoir was built in the 80's to help control the salinity of the Delaware river during drought conditions.

15 hours ago   ·  1

Daniel RemppI don't know if you can see it, but that is a bald eagle sitting in the tree.

15 hours ago   ·  2

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MB EricksonLooks amazing

13 hours ago

Gery KirknerLooks like an interesting place to paddle.

9 hours ago

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Looking for river buddies to launch with from Bethlehem Area during the week. Been doing river runs for 3 yrs. Nothing too crazy. I enjoy 2 and 3 day trips as well. Most my kayak connections are an hour drive away, so id like to try and have closer connects in order to more frequently and more spontaneously hop on the river. ... See MoreSee Less

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Marv HoneywellI'm near Hugh Moore Park, no car, but solo a canoe for decades. About 3 miles from rt33 river access. Retired and available any day. Used to be class IV, C1,OC, also looking for river company and ride to river. Send message and or friend request to see. Can always unfriend. Otherwise, good luck. Have paddled with Daniel Rempp and Gary Fegley last summer.

15 hours ago

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