LVKCC Minutes – June 2, 2022

Place – Little Lehigh River

General Membership Meeting

Executive Committee Members:

President – Dan Morton Vice President – Rachel Connolly

Recording Secretary – Mike Swartley Treasurer – Rita Snyder

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans

Members at Large – Gery Kirkner & Dave Dawson

Non-Executive Members

Webmaster – Dan Rempp

Educational Instruction Coordinator – Scott Douglas

Total members present:  29


A swap meet was held starting at 5:00 pm.

The business meeting started at 7:03 pm..

Secretary’s Report

A motion was made to accept the May 5th meeting minutes as posted on the club website.

MP – Mark  MS –  Pat  P –  All     O –  None

Treasurer’s Report

May 2022 report was provided. 

A motion was made to approve the May Treasurer’s report.

MP –    Mark        MS –     P –  All     O –  None

Membership Report

Jill Evans provided the following membership statistics as of June 2, 2022  

Total Members 2022:      330  

Total Individual Memberships: 145  

Total Individual Lifetime     4  

Total Family Memberships   64

Total Family Lifetime     1


Total Lifetime:     5

2754 members of the Facebook group 

1459 subscribers to Meetup

Webmaster’s Report

Dan Rempp reported on the new Facebook Rules. Users need to agree to be kind, polite, and no hate speech or bullying..  And answer a question as to why they’d like to be own our page

There was a suggestion to open another domain name. We temporarily owned a name but let it lapse. This information is provided for members’ information.

Education Instructor Coordinator Report 

  Had a good Guide class on Sunday May 29. Six students. This is the start of Guide training. 

Scott also reported the ACA Instructor Certification Workshop June 23-26 (Thursday – Sunday).  This will be for those wishing to become certified as Instructors for the club.  There are two slots still open. These classes are for  L1 (kayak) and L2 (moving water kayak) certifications, with June 23-25 required for both L1 and L2 and June 26th required for L2.  The first three days will be at Lake Nockamixon. June 26th will be at Marvins Garden. Anyone interested or to request additional information should email Scott (  Space is limited. Class is free for Club and ACA members.

Intermediate series are expected to be run this summer. Check the Club website.

Dave reported that for Open Water there are 10 students. Water training starts June 4th.

Dan Rempp reported the Recreational Kayaking Course was cancelled due to lack of students – only one signup. Course was well-advertised.

Dan Rempp reported the pool sessions for this year generated a surplus of $612.62.

Main Topics

Old Business

T shirt Update

New shirts and hats have arrived and are steadily being sold. Shirts are $25 each. Hats $15. Mugs $5. New club stickers are free.

Permanent Home for Boats Committee

Trailer has been registered, inspected and moved to Pat’s place. New wheels and tires were purchased using approved funds.  Old rims are to be re-sold.

Projected date to its home at the LOC is next week.

Received a bill of $150 from Jerry for his services.

Construction of structure inside the trailer has been completed.

           Volunteers have stepped forward to produce a lease.

Linda will call on our insurance carrier.

Motion to reimburse Mike for trailer lock expenses:

Tractor Supply          $105.98

            Lowe’s  $34.90

        Total: $140.88

MP –    Pat       MS – Gery    P –  All     O –  None

Larry March Slalom Race on 9, 10 and 11 September

Skip & Gery have volunteered to run this annual 3 day event on the second weekend in September. 

Skip will be sending out letters to our sponsors and supporters.

We need volunteers for this event: setup, timers, record keepers and teardown.

Dan Rempp suggested the race be advertised on the Penn Cup page.

Equipment is at Dan Rempp’s house.

Fall Trip

Fall trip is October 14 to 17 to Camp Arrowhead Rehobeth Bay, Delaware.  There are some cabins, campsites, and a new indoor dining hall. Plans are for us to host water games.

Stoneyfest Whitewater

Stoneyfest Whitewater Event was very successful May 20 – 22nd. 

Little Lehigh Tuesday Whitewater Practice Sessions

Practice sessions are continuing be held at 4pm til dark on Tuesdays through June. Have had 3 to 9 paddlers. Many beginners showing up. 

In July and August the sessions will be at Marvin Gardens.

See the Club Meetup Events page for details and updates.

New Business

Trip Policy Committee

The Boating Activity Proposal as an addition to policy manual was re-written and discussed. After some discussion the following motions were made:


Motion made to change under Guidelines for Trip Leaders: Reword the sentence: “File  the trip plan with the Club and follow up with post trip report.”

MP –  Dan M     MS –  Pat            P –  26    O –  1


A motion was made to approve the policy with a second change under Requirements for Trip Guides.   The change is underlined:

“The Club will consider, but is not obligated to accept, guide training from another provider or past experience”.

MP –   Joe         MS –  Pat     P –  25     O –  2


The Policy will be posted on our website.

Holiday Party in December

December 3rd at East Bath Rod and Gun Club!

Team River Runners

TRR was held at Rodale on May 6 and 20. Next session is June 3rd. See Team River Runner – Lehigh Valley, PA Facebook page.

White Haven Put In Committee

Dan Morton reported White Haven is out for the season due to construction in the area. Hoping to work with another club to write a letter to the DCNR for a special launch. Gery will follow up.

Current Committees

Program Committee 

Checking on an October speaker.

Insurance Policy Committee

No report. Note this is a new committee split off due to the insurance questions that the Trip Policy Committee raised.  Members are Pat, Dave, Dan Rempp and Rita.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

July 2022 No meeting

August 2022 No meeting

September 2022 Ledges Paddle – Lehigh Gap Nature Center  

Nominations Committee Slalom race

October 2022 List of Nominees for office due. Wildlands Conservancy

Fall Trip to Lake Arrowhead on October 14 to 17

November 2022 Election of Officers – Wildlands Conservancy 

December 2022 Holiday Party on 3rd

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  

MP –  Gery MS – Rita   MP    All     O – None

The meeting was adjourned at 8:08pm.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Swartley– Recording Secretary