LVKCC Minutes – October 14, 2021

Place – Wildlands Conservancy

General Membership Meeting

Executive Committee Members:

President – Pat Beltz Vice President – Dan Morton

Recording Secretary – Mike Swartley Treasurer – Rita Snyder

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans

Members at Large – Gery Kirkner & Sheldon Linn

Non-Executive Members

Webmaster – Dan Rempp

Educational Instruction Coordinator – Scott Douglas

Total members present 16


Pat Beltz called the general membership meeting to order at 7:28pm.

A most enjoyable presentation by Jon Atkins  “The Raging River of Annapurna” was made from 7:40pm to 8:30pm. The trip video is also available on YouTube, 

Secretary’s Report

A motion was made to accept the September 2nd, 2021 general membership meeting minutes as posted on the club website.

MP –  Dave     MS –  Gery  P –  All   O –  None


Treasurer’s Report

September report was provided. 

           A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s report.

MP – Gery   MS – Linda        P –  All   O –  None

Membership Report

Jill Evans provided the following membership statistics as of October 14,2021:

Memberships for 2021    

Total Members 2021: 376

Total Individual Memberships: 168

Total Individual Lifetime     4  

Total Family Memberships   69

Total Family Lifetime     1

Total Memberships: 237

Total Lifetime:     5

2431 members of the Facebook group 

1422 subscribers to Meetup

Webmaster’s Report

No report

Education Report 

No report

Main Topics

Old Business

Boat Trade

The Boat Trade/Swap was originally approved by the general membership at the Feb 2020 meeting. The Executive Committee voted October 11th by email to use previously budgeted funds to purchase club-owned boats at StarrkMoon if boats were available.

Traded  5 play boats valued at $200/boat  for 3 boats. Net cost to Club 

was $1250

Purchased 3 boats:

1 – $250  Jackson Rocker – medium  cleaned up well

1 – $800  Pyranha Machno  – medium  slightly used

1 – $1200 Pyranha Burn III  – small   brand new

Two club boats still available. There was a discussion regarding having a raffle or sale. 


Pool Update

We are on the schedule at Rodale. But we still need a lifeguard who is a Cedar Crest College employee. 

Classes start on January 10th 2022 for 10 nights. The expected amount would be based on 10 sessions (instead of 13) at $5900.

Two or three nights are for Recreation classes. Rest for rolling or whitewater.

All participants must be vaccinated..

Pat reported the 10 sessions would include the use of the entire facility of 2 

pools, class rooms, showers and  bathrooms.  Rodale is working up a cost.

Linda will check on the availability of Lafayette. Lafayette mandates masks. Proof of vaccination or test within a week.

Hospitality Chairperson

Volunteer needed to support Rita and Bob.

Larry March Slalom 10, 11, 12th of September

Dan Rempp will report at November meeting.

Holiday Party 

December 4th is the date for our Holiday Party at the East Bath Rod and Gun 

Club. Food is provided by Fairview catering. Margaret G is creating a menu survey.  This will show up with a Paypal Button so members can pay when they sign up and complete survey for selection of entrée choice 

We need to give Fairview Catering 2 weeks notice for menu selection and headcount. November 15th is the deadline for responses.  All information to be in the email.

Club will provide the table covering, water/soft drinks & dessert.   

Cost per person is $20. Members pay $15 and Clubs funds cover the rest.

Note: Start time will be 5:30pm. After a social half-hour dinner will follow at 6pm.  BYOB.

Raffle tickets will be handed out for the door prizes. We are soliciting door prizes from businesses. Discussion on thanking businesses on public media that donate.

Motion made regarding the above costs and plans for the Holiday party.

MP – Rita   MS –   Ric    P –  All   O –  None

New Business

Fall Trip

39 participants.   Perfect weather!  Great trips!  Lots of interest in returning…

2022 Nominations Committee

Linda Martin reported the following nominees: 

President – Dan Morton

Vice President – 

Recording Secretary – Mike Swartley

Treasurer – Rita Snyder

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans

Member-at-Large needs at least 2 nominees

Walnutport Canal Festival

Walnutport Canal Association Festival is happening on October 17 and runs from 12:00pm to 5pm. We should have a double space at the dock.  Typically 5 or 6 people staff our tent and offer canoe rides in the canal.  Support boaters and table staff needed.

Insurance Issues

Motion made to pay insurance by November 1st to renew annual policy.

MP – Gery   MS – Dan      P –  All O –  None

Paddle America Club membership to be discussed by Executive Committee meeting in January 2022.

Current Committees

Policy Committee – Continuing work on Instructors and Trip Leader criteria. Most is done. Policy for trip leaders unresolved. Committee includes Dave as chairperson, Dan Morton, Rita Snyder, Pat Beltz, Sheldon Linn, and Scott Douglas.

Spring and Fall Trips – Dave Dawson: TBD

Program Committee – Sheldon and Gery. Have speakers for for October, November 2021. Need a speaker or video fo February and March 2022

Hospitality Committee – Need a chairperson.  Bob Brunda and Rita Snyder are current members. We are seeking additional members.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

November   Wildlands Conservancy TBD, Election of Officers for 2022. The guest speaker is Dave Dawson who will talk about boat building.

December     Holiday Party East Bath Rod and Gun Club.  Saturday Dec 4th. Cost $100 for the Hall. Will be catered.; final menu will be chosen by survey.

January 2022 Executive Board Meeting. At Linda’s house on Saturday the 8th at 5:30pm

February 2022 Wildlands Conservancy    Speaker?

March 2022 Wildlands Conservancy    Speaker?

April 2022 Ice Breaker   Location?   Spring Trip

May 2022 Ledges Paddle   Lehigh Gap Nature Center

June 2022 Ledges Paddle   Lehigh Gap Nature Center

July 2022 No meeting

August 2022 No meeting

September 2022 Ledges Paddle – Lehigh Gap Nature Center   Pizza? Swap Meet? Slalom race

October 2022 List of Nominees

November 2022 Election of Officers

December 2022 Holiday Party

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  

MP –  Gery MS – Linda       MP    All                   O – None

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35pm.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Swartley– Recording Secretary