LVKCC Minutes – October 13, 2022

Place – Wildlands Conservancy

General Membership Meeting

Executive Committee Members:

President – Dan Morton Vice President – Rachel Connolly

Recording Secretary – Mike Swartley Treasurer – Rita Snyder

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans

Members at Large – Gery Kirkner and Bob Brunda

Non-Executive Members

Webmaster – Dan Rempp

Education Instruction Coordinator – Scott Douglas

Total members present:  20


The meeting was opened at 7:06pm with a very enjoyable, informative and humorous presentation of a kayaking and camping trip to ACA’s Sugar Island in the Thousand Islands. Paddlers were Cie Stroud, Susan Ritchie, Gery Kirkner, Dave Dawson and Gary Leander.     A Club trip to Wellesley Island in this area is being planned for next September. 

The business meeting started at 7:55 pm..

Secretary’s Report

A motion was made to accept the September 1st 2022 meeting as posted on the club website.

MP – GeryMS –   Dan Rempp P –  All     O –  None

Treasurer’s Report

The September reports were provided.

A motion was made to approve the the Treasurer’s report.

MP –  Mark  MS –  Scott   P –  All     O –  None

Membership Report

Jill Evans provided the following membership statistics as of October 13, 2022  

Total Members 2022:      385  

Total Individual Memberships: 180  

Total Individual Lifetime     4  

Total Family Memberships   72

Total Family Lifetime     1

Total Memberships 252

Total Lifetime:     5

3347 members of the Facebook group 

1506 subscribers to Meetup

Webmaster’s Report

Dan Rempp reported our new website is now live. Couple of issues: 

1. One cannot easily pay through the website. Dan Rempp has a workaround but the internet provider is to fix.

2.  All the Club minutes are not as easily visible. Provider has been asked to modify. 

The website is easier to edit. And should be easier to read on smartphones.

On our Facebook page, someone posted how to access the Lehigh at White Haven though that point is closed.   Dan Rempp removed the post and asked that any issues with Facebook posts be promptly reported. Dan Morton to be added as an administrator.

Education Instructor Coordinator Report 

Moving water has had no classes since the last meeting.   The Lower Yough has been re-scheduled for October 28, 29, and 30. This will not be posted on Facebook or meetup, see Scott for details.

A first-timers trip on the Toh will be offered on the afternoon of November 5th. An advanced intermediate class will also be offered on November 6th.

Dave Dawson reported a followup trip on the Raritan Bay for the Open Water Class. The rough water meant a shorter trip and a good experience.   Starting to plan for next year.

Dan Rempp reported there were assisted and self-rescue classes run on Lake Nockamixon.   Dan Rempp ran one Forward Stroke Class. A second Forward stroke class was run by Dan Rempp and Sheldon.

Scott reported the Education Committee will meet in mid-November to discuss the annual report and to plan next year’s classes.  The report and plan will be presented for consideration at the Executive meeting in January.  Scott suggested that the club again pay for meals for those who taught in the previous year.  The decision on this was tabled until next month to give time to review the budget.  All are welcome to attend the Education meeting, but will need to RSVP to the announcement in order to secure proper meeting space.

Main Topics

Old Business

Larry March Slalom Race on 9, 10 and 11 September

Skip, Gery and Dan Rempp ran this annual 3 day event. Widely considered a successful event!  There were 26 racers with 40 starts.  Many were from out-of-state.  Total cost: $742 with the biggest expense was T-shirts.  Total income was $1285. There was a discussion on how to spend the surplus and how to organize the event next year. It’s the Executive Board decision what to do with the surplus money. The Executive Board will be meeting inJanuary to review the budget.

A committee is being formed for future races with Skip as chairperson with Scott and Dan Rempp as members.

Walnutport Canal Festival

The Walnutport Canal Festival is this Sunday October 16th from noon to 4pm.  Be there early! This event is posted on our Meetup page.

Fall Trip

Fall trip is October 14 to 17 to Camp Arrowhead Rehobeth Bay, Delaware. Emails sent out and event posted. Over 40 paddlers have signed up.

Pool Committee

Back to Rodale Aquatic Center for 2023! We will have the large pool, the small pool, locker rooms, lobby and classrooms.

Eight sessions are on every Saturday from January 21st to March 4th from 8:30am to1:00pm. Scheduling of two additional sessions are being worked out.

Will be working with the Education Committee to set up detailed schedule. Look for a posting by end of this year.


Dan Morton reported the mega-release was on the Lehigh last weekend. It was fun. Some rafted, some swam!

Donate Bob Rocks’ Hat

A motion was made to donate a club hat to Bob Rocks’ widow.

MP – PeteMS – Nic P –  All     O –  None

Inflatable PFDs

A motion was made to ban inflatable PFDs on all Club events where a PFD is required.

MP – Mark MS –  Rita P –  All     O –  None

Nominations Committee

Dan Rempp reported the following nominations for all the positions.

President – Dan Morton agreed to a 2nd term

Vice Pres – Rachel Connelly agreed to a 2nd term

Treasurer – Rita Snyder agreed to a 3rd term

Secretary – Mike Swartley regretfully will not return. Mark Bereit has volunteered

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans regretfully will not return. Joanne Novak have volunteered.

Members at Large – Gery Kirkner regretfully will not return. Nic Heschelmen and Bob Brunda have volunteered.”

Dan Rempp also requested any other nominations for any of the above positions. No nominations were made. Nominations were closed for the above. Any additional nominations and voting will occur at the November meeting.  

Policy Committee

Needs a chairperson. No report. 

Moment of Silence for Diane Zimmerman

Diane recently completed the Moving Water class.  A Gofund-me has been created and is on our Facebook page. 

Tohickon Release Welcome 

A discussion was held on having a hospitality tent at the takeout on Saturday November 5th.  Scott will set up tent and bring tables, chairs, grill, etc.  Food and beverages will be donated, but donations to the club will be accepted.  There will need to be volunteers to man the tent.  Two shifts are proposed from 11-1 and from 1-3.

New Business

Holiday Party in December

December 3rd at East Bath Rod and Gun Club! Fairview is repeating as our caterer.  A survey will be sent out in October and menu options should be available in November.

Current Committees

White Haven Put In Committee

Dan Morton reported White Haven is out for the season due to construction in the area. 

Spring Trip Committee

No report.

Program Committee 

Ryan O. will present a talk on Enjoying Nature While Paddling.

Team River Runners

Tabled til next meeting. 

Upcoming Meetings/Events

October 2022 List of Nominees for office due. Wildlands Conservancy

Fall Trip to Lake Arrowhead on October 14 to 17

Lower Yough trip/class October 28, 29 and 30

November 2022 Election of Officers on 3rd – Wildlands Conservancy 

Tohickon First-timers November 5  11am to 1pm

Tohickon Advanced class November 6

Education committee TBA

December 2022 Holiday Party on 3rd at East Bath Rod and Gun Club

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  

MP –  Nic MS – Josh  MP    All     O – None

The meeting was adjourned at 9:04pm.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Swartley– Recording Secretary