LVKCC Minutes – September 2, 2021

Place – Lehigh Gap Nature Center

General Membership Meeting

Executive Committee Members:

President – Pat Beltz Vice President – Dan Morton

Recording Secretary – Mike Swartley Treasurer – Rita Snyder

Membership Secretary – Jill Evans

Members at Large – Gery Kirkner & Sheldon Linn

Non-Executive Members

Webmaster – Dan Rempp

Educational Instruction Coordinator – Scott Douglas

Total members present 19


Pat Beltz called the general membership meeting to order at 7:01pm.

Walt Witucki, co-founder of our club, was introduced. Club founded in 1977!

Secretary’s Report

A motion was made to accept the June 3, 2021 general membership meeting minutes as posted on the club website.

MP – Dan      MS –  Scott  P –  All   O –  None


Treasurer’s Report

June, July, August report was provided. 

A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s report.

MP – Mark   MS –  Sheldon      P –  All   O –  None

According to by-laws, a financial review has to be done every six months. Treasurer’s

accounting vs. bank statements were reviewed by Pat and Rita through the end of June. All checked out.

Membership Report

Jill Evans provided the following membership statistics as of June, July and August:

Memberships for 2021    

Total Members 2021: 350

Total Individual Memberships: 161   

Total Individual Lifetime   4  

Total Family Memberships   63    

Total Family Lifetime   1

Total Memberships: 224

Total Lifetime:   5

2431 members of the Facebook group

1409 subscribers to Meetup

Webmaster’s Report

Dan Rempp reported the new page to cover Fitness is up and running.

(Cold Water Safety has not yet been added to the new page.). The yoga portion is still pending.

Web page went down temporarily due to updates with the provider.

Dan Rempp reported that sometimes we get domain registry change offers. We do not 

respond to these. 

Education Report 

Scott reported:

  Intermediate whitewater class.   ACA L2 Moving water on Lehigh at Bowmanstown at Marvins Garden. 3 paddlers were upgraded

– Open Water Kayaking – Cie reported  10 students. Finished with two classes on the Raritan Bay 

– Beginner Moving Water Series on the Lehigh.  Followup Report  8 classes on the water were completed.   Completed thru to the end.  13 of the 14 completed thru Section III,   7 Completed thru Section I of the Lehigh.  5 also completed their PFD of Section II.

– Introduction to Recreational Kayaking –  Dan Rempp reported 10 signed up and the class was full! with 4 on waitlist. 4 boats were donated. Class went well.

– Did not get to do Rescue training so Dan ran separate rescues at Mauch Chunk Lake.

– Cie suggested holding a rescue class prior to the club’s fall trips.

– Intro to Moving Water Kayaking 18 to 19 requests for additional classes

Open discussion on running classes in state parks.  Discussion tabled for now and will be continued with the Education Committee meeting will be held in December for the 2022 program.

Main Topics

Old Business


Pool Update

Pat sent email to Susan Danish on June 15th requesting 13 Sundays starting in Jan 2022. The expected amount would be based on 10 sessions (instead of 13) at $7500.

Pat reported the 10  sessions would include the use of the entire facility of 2 

pools, class rooms, showers and  bathrooms.  Rodale is working up a cost.

Linda will check on the availability of Lafayette as the backup plan

Zoom App Renewal

Zoom is going back to free 40 minutes sessions  Decided to let Zoom account lapse and revive if needed.

Hospitality Chairperson

Volunteer needed to support Rita and Bob.

Larry March Slalom 10, 11, 12th of September

Dan Rempp reported: 

Our poles survived the storm yesterday. Parking lot underwater.

Will need help with the setup Day 1 (Friday)

Clinics start at noon and Registration is 3pm on Day 2 (Saturday)

Races are on Day 3 (Sunday)

This is usually a well-attended event. Not racing against others. Racing is  against the clock.

Need to advertise for attendance.

There are 7 sponsors who have supported us for the last years.

Note: This is Dan Rempp’s last year for organizing this event.

Holiday Party 

A check of $100 was dropped off to Jen Emery at the Bath Rod and Gun Club to reserve the Holiday Party on the Saturday December 4th. Three choices for menu. Italian, BBQ, or Comfort Food

Voted for catered versus potluck 19-0

Voted for Comfort food 10-3

Membership Drive at Little Lehigh Practice for White Water boats

Dan Morton reported on membership drive at the Little Lehigh and the Stoney.

New Business

Walnutport Canal Festival

Walnutport Canal Association Festival on October 17 runs from 12:00pm to 5 or 6pm. We should have a double space at the dock.  Typically 5 or 6 people staff our tent and offer canoe rides in the canal.  Support boaters and table staff needed.

Paddling 101 – We participated Northern Lehigh Recreational Association on July 25th.

Bob Brunda confirmed we have the Wildlands Conservancy for the 4 meetings,  Oct, Nov 2021, Feb and March 2022. Wildlands Conservancy has been added to our Insurance policy per their request.

Fall Trip to Rehoboth Bay – scheduled for first weekend of October. 38 signed up. Payment due September 15. 

2022 Nominations Committee was setup with Linda Martin as chairperson. Paula Rempp, Dan Morton and Scott Douglas were nominated to the committee.

Dan Rempp reported Insurance information came in mail today. Insurance due November 1st.  ACA Membership is also due in November 1st. Open discussion on insurance to include ACA and PaddleAmerica.   

Current Committees

Policy Committee – to continue work on Instructors and Trip Leader criteria. Committee includes Dave as chairperson, Dan Morton, Rita Snyder, Pat Beltz, Sheldon Linn, and Scott Douglas.

Program Committee – Sheldon and Gery. Have speakers for for October, November 2021. Need a speaker or video fo February and March 2022

Hospitality Committee – Need a chairperson.  Bob Brunda and Rita Snyder are current members. We are seeking additional members.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

October Wildlands Conservancy TBD, Long boat trip, Report on Slate of Officers,

            The guest speaker is John Atkins who will present his kayaking expedition on the Annapurna River in Nepal

November   Wildlands Conservancy TBD, Election of Officers for 2022. The guest speaker is Dave Dawson who will talk about boat building.

December     Holiday Party East Bath Rod and Gun Club.  Saturday Dec 4th. Cost $100 for the Hall. Will be catered.; final menu needs to be decided on.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  

MP –   Mark MS – Rita          P –        All                   O – None

The meeting was adjourned at  8:13pm.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Swartley– Recording Secretary